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My house was a disaster. I had gotten to the point that I didn’t want to have people over because there was clutter everywhere. I realized I needed help. Then I found Let’s Get Organized NC. Lisa considered my needs and preferences and worked with me going through the stuff. She organized things based on how I use it. Made suggestions on how to store things. My favorite…a memorabilia container of keepsakes that were all over the house and now in one place and labeled. She containerized and labeled everything in my garage. It is so easy to find things now. Lisa took what was for me, an enormous task and made my home a place I love. I would recommend her services wholeheartedly.

Office Organization

    Before                                                                         After  

Client Testimonial

Closet Organization

Client Testimonial
I have a quilting/sewing room that became the catch all clutter room. I could not find the fabrics I needed anymore and lost my motivation to quilt. Lisa was very encouraging and optimistic. She organize my fabrics so that I can access it readily. Helped me find a design plan for a cutting table with tons of storage, that I had a carpenter build at half the price of retail. Found just the right things to hold the tools of the quilting trade. She gave the room a fresh coat of paint. The result is that I have a functional quilting room that I love, and that’s the envy of my friends. 

        Before                                                                   After
 Before                                After                                   Before                               After

Client Testimonial
Craft Room
I have saved so much of my kids’ childhood memories, that there was no room in my home anymore. I dreaded the project of purging. I found Lisa and she made it seem so easy. She took my stress away. After each session my home felt lighter and I felt free. I could breathe again. She even took the donation boxes to charities and brought me receipts for my taxes. I could not have done it without her.

Client Testimonial
Bedroom Staging
Before                                                        After            
Jewelry Organizing 
 Before                                                                      After