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Temperatures are cooler...It's Yard Sale Season!

Pick a Saturday near payday. Avoid scheduling your sale during a holiday weekend or a widely attended community event. Advertise well with local media ads, on Facebook Marketplace you can post for free. Make easy to read, smartly placed signs. Be an attention-grabber. Make them big and bold. Use words such as HUGE YARD SALE TODAY?. Your signs should feature directional arrows, address, time, and day(s) - Sat only or Fri. Sat. & Sun. Tie balloons to your signs, as well as your mailbox. If you have toys or children's clothing, post a sign at a nearby playground.
Get an extra set of hands. Putting on a yard sale is a two-person job, minimum.
Make sure your items are clean before the sale day.(Nobody wants to buy dirty things, even when the price is low.)
Mark prices ahead of time so you can focus on ringing up sales, but be willing to negotiate and lower prices. Remember your goal is to get rid of the stuff. If there is a particular price you want on an item, you might want to up your asking price to compensate for a lower offer.

"Remember your goal is to get rid of the stuff"

Pricing is time consuming. Save yourself a lot of time by grouping items together on a table and taping a sign, all items on this table $3.00 or all books x amount of $ and so on. Save the individual pricing for one of a kind items.
Have the essentials ready on sale day: a calculator, money bag with lots of change, small bills and coins. An extension cord and various size batteries so shoppers can make sure items work.

Make carryout easy. Have plenty of grocery bags, boxes, anything that will make it easier for shoppers to tote thing home.

(bags hold more than hands.)
Merchandising Tips Think like a store manager

These techniques work on the subconscious and shoppers are more likely to think your items are worth the price you ask.
If possible place all items eye-level on tables unless it belongs on the ground, like a bike, floor lamp, etc.. It shows as a more valuable item. If this is not possible, move things up to tables as items sell. 

Place large eye-catching items that you know people want, close to the road. People will be enticed to stop rather than cruise by.
Hang clothes. Adult clothing is a bit harder to sell and does much better when merchandised well. Use a garment rack or hang clothes on a clothesline between two ladders or two trees. If all your clothing items cannot be hung up, fold them neatly, like you find them on department store tables. Put like clothing it
Display your jewelry on a pegboard or corkboard using push pins. It shows better. Keep this located near your checkout
Put some of the baby clothes and toys near the back of the yard sale area. These are hot items and people will need to walk past everything else to get to them.
Donate It

After the yard sale is over, the remaining items can be donated to 
receive a charitable tax deduction.   Goodwill or Salvation Army 
are good locations for this.  

Remember to get a receipt.